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only_nicky's Journal

All Nicky All The Time
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Nick Stokes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

This is a slash-friendly community, which means that fiction and discussion may include explicit depiction of sexual relationships between same-sex partners. Do not join if this is offensive to you.

This community is for fans of the series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It focuses exclusively on stories and episode storylines involving Nick Stokes, the finest Texan ever to dust for prints, and on George Eads, the actor who plays him. By joining this community, you are stating that you are a fan and supporter of Nick Stokes, and/or of George Eads.


1) At all times be respectful. While we all love Nick, from time to time we might disagree. Please be kind to those who see things differently than you. You can disagree without being rude. Be good, or you will be gone.

2) All posts must have Nick or George Eads as the main focus; all fiction, icons, graphics and other posted materials must feature Nick Stokes as the primary character. Episode recaps will focus on Nick and his character's involvement on the show. If you wish to discuss the other characters, or their storylines, in CSI they must be in relation to how they interact or affect Nick. Like the name says...All Nicky, All The Time.

3) Please feel free to post information about George Eads' press appearances, news items or fan encounters. However, there will be no discussion of his personal life (i.e. who he is dating etc.). There is a reason it is called a private life.

4) Please assume that posts about episodes will include spoilers, but on the other hand, please put all episode recaps behind cuts so folks don't have to avoid the comm until they see the latest episode.

5) Fiction should be labeled in the Subject line of the post as either FIC or FIC REC, along with a pairing, a rating, and an author name. All fic should post either behind a cut or be linked to. Full header with the following information must show on the comm post--Title, author, rating, pairing (if any) and warnings. YOU MUST WARN FOR CHARACTER DEATH (OF ANY CANON CHARACTER), RAPE/NON-CON, OR EPISODE SPOILERS. -

In addition here are a few more guidelines to help recognize what an Only Nicky fic may contain:

1. As long as the fic is about Nick, or Nick-centered, it should acceptable to

2. The story is allowed to have other strong character representation; however
the strongest character focus must remain on Nick.

3. Since writers need the freedom to develop and create a story, it is
acceptable if:

a) some of the chapters in the fic are Nick-light
b) if the fic contains chapters where Nick is absent altogether-

however the major focus of the completed story must revolve around Nick.

4. It is suitable for some parts have additional story, or secondary character, development.

Here are some possible storylines for clarification:


Warrick contemplating on how Nick has changed since they first met, that would be within the guidelines because Warrick's thoughts are of Nick.

Gil supporting and helping Nick through the trauma of Grave Danger, that would also be within guidelines because the main storyline is Nick’s trauma.

The reverse would not be approved:


Nick reflecting on how Warrick has changed since his marriage would not be acceptable because the main focus is on Warrick, and his marriage.

Nick helping Gil after Gil's surgery would also not be acceptable because the focus is once again on Gil and his surgery – not Nick.

6) Graphics files bigger than three icons should be posted behind cuts or linked to. PLEASE WARN FOR GRAPHICS THAT ARE NOT WORK SAFE; don't want someone getting in trouble because they wanted to look at Nicky and found an inappropriate manip by surprise.

7) Off Topic posts are allowed,but they must mention, have a connection to, Nick/George Eads specifically, and not just CSI.

Examples are:

Allowed- A William Peterson article where he mentions George Eads or Nick; that is allowed even thought the article is not “about” Nick/GE (hence the OT). Another example might be a CSI board game. Since Nick would most likely be a character in that game this also would be allowed.

NOT Allowed- A William Peterson article where the only connection to Nick/GE is that CSI is mentioned. Even thought GE is part of CSI that is not a strong enough connection for our little community. GE/Nick would need to be specifically involved/mentioned in the article for it to be okay for an Off Topic post.

8) Please empty your drool bucket on the way out the door.

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